Uncut Australian Dave

Sleeping Men

Dave is an Australian tour guide I met at a party thrown by some mutual friends of ours.  They had great party food, pizza, hot wings and lots of different kinds of chips and dip and enough beer and mixed drinks to float a cruise ship.
Uncut cock blow job Dave and I wound up chatting while he downed several whiskey sours and I had a couple of beers. It gave me more than ample time to scope him out. The tight jeans he wore did nothing to hide the impressive bulge of his crotch. Intrigued by what had to be a big, thick cock under his pants I continued to chat with him.Uncut cock blow jobAround one in the morning the party had wound down and most people had gone home. Dave was still wide awake and as bored as I was, so we decided to go find something more entertaining to do. Since he was just visiting he didn’t know the area very well.Uncut cock blow jobI suggested we go rent some porn videos and head to my place which was fine by him. We jumped into my car, rented the videos and headed to my place.Uncut cock blow jobWhile I drove he remarked on some girls he spotted walking down the street and I was more than happy to listen to him talk about what hot little Sheilas they were which made me smile.Uncut cock blow jobI really enjoy hearing Aussies speak, that accent is just all sorts of sexy and made me think of night time fun, cameras and blow jobs.Uncut cock from Australia


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