Sleeping Dad Clay

Sleeping Men
I took this picture of Clay the first time we met, about five hours before I got to film him sleeping. I met him at the corner store. He was looking for beer, but that place doesn’t carry any and the store he’d been to before that didn’t have anything he’d drink.
Straight sleeping father Clay
He’s not a fan of American beer and wanted something imported. We struck up a conversation about where the best place to get import beer would be in this neighborhood. Since he was visiting from Australia and didn’t know the area, I offered to drive him to the liquor store a couple miles away. He thanked me as we headed out.
Straight sleeping father Clay
During the drive I had plenty of time to chat with him, long enough that he became totally relaxed in my company. While he shopped for the beer–and I picked up a couple of six packs–we talked more. It seems there’d been a rugby match he’d missed during his flight over, and I happened to know that it was going to be rebroadcast that afternoon on one of my numerous sports channels.
Straight father sleeping Clay
SCORE! He asked if it would be okay to come over and watch it. Would it ever! So we headed back to my place to watch the game with the usual outcome. I got to see his big cock, fondle his shaved balls, and give him a blow job. Best of all, he woke up and reciprocated.
Straight dad sleeping Clay
You’ve got to see this to understand how great the whole thing went.
Straight dad sleeping Clay
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