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6.30.2011 USMC Marine Ty - in honor of our troops for the 4th of July – Independence Day!


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USMC Marine Ty

6.23.2011 Sleeping Swimmer Mario

Sleeping Swimmer

6.19.2011 Party Boy Keith

Party Boy Keith


Fratboy Casey 2

6.5.2011 ~BONUS UPDATE ~ Stocky hunk Scott

Stocky Hunk

6.3.2011 ~ cut Jock Martin II

Uncut Jock

5.30.2011 ~ BONUS UPDATE! ~ Sleeping Father Mark

Sleeping Father

5.29.2011 ~ JUST ADDED ~ USMC Marine James!

USMC Marine James

5.22.2011 ~ Russian Immigrant Athlete Roger!

Russian Athlete Roger

5.13.2011 ~ Uncut Latin College Jock Martin!

5.6.2011 ~ Big Dick Shawny added

Big Dick


4.15.2011 ~ Sleeping Student Steven ~ This boy has a very thick cock and precum kept dripping out of his cock while I was fondling him in his sleep. Click on his image to find out more about this sexy guy.

Sleeping Student

4.8.2011 ~ Naked Surfer Samual Morning JO ~ Samuals last day staying in my granny flat in Queensland Australia before heading home to prepare for summer courses at university in Canada. I surprised him in the morning and he surprised me by granting my request – to take pictures of him naked and film him jacking off for $1,000. Man was he worth it!

4.3.2011 ~ BONUS UPDATE ~ Sleeping Coworker Mick with 2 cumshots!

Sleeping Coworker Mick

Big Uncut Cock – Sleeping Dock Worker TroyClick here for more info

Sleeping Dock Worker

Huge CummerSleeping Surfer CJ – CLICK HERE

Huge Cummer

Uncut Cock Cameron – Daytime 2

Uncut Cock Cameron

Sleeping Skateboarder Rod from Brazil!

Sleeping Skateboarder Rod

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Straight Canadian surfer Samual nightvision seduction added to the members area

Click image below for a free preview of the HD update. When the player pops up click the bottom right icon to go full screen.

Sleeping Surfer

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Big Cock Gym Instructor – One of my firsts – 2-22-2011

Big Cock Gym Instructor

Samual – Failed Attempt!  … well sorta  NEW 2.20.2011

Sleeping Basketball Player Ashton - NEW  2.10.2011

Sleeping Basketball Player

Hidden Camera Blog Update 2.6.2011

Heavy Cummer Coho

Coho is a young Irish backpacker I met roadside when I was in Australia. When I first saw him he was sitting on a rock shirtless, sporting a huge shamrock tattoo, with his thumb out trying to hitch a ride. Turns out he’s a very heavy cummer. Find out more about heavy cummer Coho here.


Naked men that are straight and sleeping is an attraction I’ve had for years. I’ve always been turned on by their masculine sexuality. Ever since I can remember having friends sleep over, or having roommates, I was fascinated watching fit masculine men sleep.

I started by looking under the covers. Then I started caressing their crotch with one finger, then two. Sometimes I get caught touching them in their sleep, most of the time I don’t. I’ve had my share of punches and black eyes from my curiosity, but the times I don’t get caught makes it all worth while.

I’ve created this members only pay site with video footage of each seduction along with a detailed story of the seduction of each guy. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to comment on any page.

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