Just Added: Dillon O’brien

Dillon was hired to do some work on a gate for a friend’s estate. I scheduled him a meeting with him to go over what needed to be done. I heard his motorcycle pull up the driveway and when he walked in the first thing he notice was my camera equipment on the far right wall. Evidently he’s an amateur photographer and we hit it off real well. He got a little tired after a while and felt he need to lay down for a nap, I happily obliged. I examined his body and tatts as he lay sleeping. Amazing! He smelled so good too, he tasted even better.

Pierced, tattooed, bearded, long haired and sexy! Dillon is definitely a treat! Everything about this hot straight guy is hot, sexy and flashy, even his brightly colored boxers! I couldn’t get enough …. See the rest of the story, and full video with blowjob and cumshot, in the members area. Please support our site and subscribe 😉




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