Straight Mechanic Karl

Sleeping Men

So when Tony and I got back from fishing, Karl was hanging out near Tony’s slip, sipping a beer and watching the boats–and some girls on them–coming and going. He started up a conversation the minute we were docked, and I felt a real thrill listening to this young Aussie talk about his life. We talked for a while about all the usual stuff, boats, cars, girls and sports while we cleaned up the boat. We hadn’t caught anything, which was just as well as it turned out, at least for me.

After a while Tony took off leaving me chatting with Karl who invited me over to his place to watch TV. There was my opening, and I took it. So we went to his place, typical bachelor crib, with clothes tossed here and there, empty brew bottles and chip bags scattered around. He didn’t even seem to notice the mess, and I wasn’t going to say anything. I’m not his mom–seriously–and his place was his own.

So we watched a game on his TV and, after a few more beers he was very evidently trashed. Most of the guys I know can down a six pack with hardly any visible effect, but not Karl. Four beers–including the one he’d been drinking on the dock–and he was lit. Which was all the better for my own plans. So he blearily says goodnight and stumbles off to his bedroom, never mind that I’m still there. Better and better all the time, I can see my plan is going to work. I go out to the car and get my camera and night vision gear and come back inside, watch a little more TV and then make my move, touching his smooth, skin, feeling the lean muscle under my hands, touching his cock through his shorts. He’s got this odd little tattoo, and while I’m trying to figure out what it is, Karl wakes up. I’m trying to get away from him fast, and almost fall over something on the floor. Strike one.

I’ll have to try again later, after I’ve come up with a better plan on how to film him. I go back and spend some time just taking in his face, the sideburns he’s got so neatly shaped, and the leanness of his torso before I give touching him another try, but he wakes up again and I have to make another retreat. I stay thee filming him this time as he tosses and turns restlessly. It’s hell waiting for my chance to touch that smooth body. This time I strike pay dirt, or rather a big Aussie cock which I finally get to touch, but I could tell he was waking up, and stopped before he decked me. You know how I roll, so I went back and started filming again, and this time we had success. I got to film his big, hard cock, smooth balls and his lean, young body. Karl is another of those guys I won’t ever forget.


Below are some extra clips of the many tries at getting Karl before I finally succeeded.
1st Try 2nd Try 3rd Try

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