Stocky Hunk Scott

Men Sleeping

Sleeping man Scott

Scott shows at my house around 8pm, in time for a football game that’s just about to start if the commentators ever manage to shut up. He’s brought a six pack of some good quality beer–imported–and a box of tacos and burritos from a local fast food chain. I’ve got more beer chips and the ever popular hot wings. We do the usual thing, watch the game, denigrate the players that screw up, eat and drink. Game one over we move to a rebroadcast of a baseball game then switch to hockey. Not my usual thing, but Scott’s eating it up and before I know it 3am is rolling around and both of us are worse for wear having drank all the beer in the house.

He also knows about my guest house, and invites himself to crash out there. I’m not going to deny him that, especially since I’m going to take some straight cock video while he sleeps. I’m cautious with Scott and start off looking at him through the window blinds which is why the first clip is darker than usual. It’s the window screen interfering with the camera. But I’m sure he’s sleeping now. I creep into the guest house through the sliding door–I’d unlocked it earlier–and it makes no noise when it opens. I start by taking a close up of Scott’s sleeping face then reach for the sheet. He wakes up instantly! I retreat and wait for another chance. I go back and use the surfboard I have back there–it belongs to a friend and I’m holding it for him–to get the camera into proper focus. Then I approach Scott, filming him sleeping, panning down his body.

I’m real nervous because he woke up earlier so I decide to move to the other side of the bed and try filming from there so I can see his face in case he starts to wake up again. I seriously do not want this guy to land one on me because he’s more than strong enough to damage my equipment not to mention me. To get a gauge on how deeply asleep he is, I tweak one of his nipples. Scott doesn’t wake up so I move on to bigger and better things, his cock which I stroke through the covers. He doesn’t wake up which is great. I can feel Scott’s cock getting hard. It’s big and thick and I start to imagine all sorts of things involving where that cock could go if Scott wasn’t straight.

He sleeps on peacefully as I touch him through the sheets then finally roll them back to film some hot straight cock action. I even give him a blow job while he sleeps, but that’s something you’ll see on the video.

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