Stocky Hunk Scott

Sleeping Man

Scott’s one of the bigger guys I’ve filmed, another construction worker with a hint of a beer belly, some tattoos, and pretty impressive upper body strength.

Stocky Hunk Sleeping Scott

I’d gone by the site where Brian and Kevin work to see if either of them were there, but found out they’d both quit to work somewhere else. That’s when I spotted Scott walking along carrying two bags of cement mix, one on each shoulder. Those things weigh like 100 pounds apiece and there he was strolling along with them on his shoulders like he was taking a walk at the beach.

Stocky Hunk Sleeping Scott

It caught my attention so when I spotted him later at one of the local watering holes I struck up a conversation. Turns out he’d been a buddy of Brian’s and had gotten Brian the job which he’d walked away from. Scott was sort of miffed.

Stocky Hunk Sleeping Scott

Anyway he’d heard about my place and the TV and pretty much invited himself over. Scott’s not the sort of guy I typically invite to my house. Sure it’s straight cock, but this is some seriously dangerous straight cock and I’m unsure about the situation. Oh what the hell, why not?

Stocky Hunk Scott Sleeping

If I get to film him, it’s all good right? Besides, the bulge in Scott’s jeans is big enough that I’m curious to see what’s under the zipper.


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