Sleeping Lifeguard Evan

Sleeping Men

Evan is another one of the guys I met at the gym. A mutual friend introduced us, and told me that Evan’s a college swimmer. The three of us went to lunch and I invited Evan over to watch some TV and, of course, my intention was to get some college cock on film.

Solid Cock

Evan couldn’t make it that night which was somewhat of a disappointment since I’d been looking forward to getting this sleeping swimmer on night vision film. Evan agreed to come by the next evening, which meant I’d get my chance to film a sleeping swimmer and his college cock.


Evan showed up an hour late, apologized for not being on time, explaining that one his mother had called and talked his ear off. But hey, he was there which meant I’d get some hot college cock on film one way or another.

Solid Cock

I broke out the beer, microwaved some heat and eat chicken wings and we talked and watched an action movie. Since Evan had already been an hour late, and since he downed several beers–turns out he’s a real lightweight when it comes to brewskies–he asked if it was okay for him to crash.

Solid Cock

Hiding my excitement, I left him to get to sleep on the couch while I waited impatiently in my room.


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