Sleeping Basketball Player Ashton

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This video was submitted by a new member and I was given specific instructions to post it on the site, along with the following information about Ashton.


Ashton is a 21 year old college basketball player that gushes an unbelievable amount of cum . He came over with some friends to watch a basketball game.

Heavy Cummer Ashton

He used to play in high school and now plays on a college team. He wound up staying in my spare room because his buddies had to leave early. Ashton’s a heavy cummer, which surprised me because it wasn’t something I expected.

Heavy Cummer

There are some guys who put out a little jizz, and others that make lots of cum, like Ashton. We had a few beers, ate pizza, yelled at the TV when someone screwed up or scored. Speaking of scoring, Ashton’s one of those straight guys that just makes my brain think of filming, which I got up the nerve to do for the first time.

Heavy Cummer Ashton

I still can’t get over what a big cummer he was. The amount so heavy it was like a flood of cum. Amazing amounts of cum that you just have to see to believe.

Heavy Cummer Ashton


So that’s all the info I was given about Ashton. Thanks to Vincente for submitting his video and I hope you (my members) enjoy it. It looks to me like Ashton woke up near the end. What do you guys think? Post your comment below!


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