Rocker Guitarist Christop

Sleeping Rocker Guitarist

Happy Holidays! This latest submission is somewhat holiday themed. A big fan of our site went rogue and filmed a crush he seduced while sleeping. The member who submitted this video wishes to remain anonymous, but his crush in this video is named Christop and he’s a guitarist in a Christian rock band. He’s tatted out and a has a huge unit so check out the latest update on our site. Have a great weekend everyone and again, Happy Holidays 🙂

Looks like fabulously tatted and sensually nipple pierced Christop fell asleep right next to the Christmas tree and somebody’s getting an early gift from Santa! Our anonymous submitter tussles his dark locks and caresses his ears, making sure that Christop is deep asleep, probably dreaming about all those things Christian rockers dream about, like groupies with purity rings and non-alcoholic beer. His soft hands go across Christop’s armpits and pierced nipples, sliding down his virile body, all the way to his feet. Hey, he even gives him a foot massage, now that’s frigging sexy! He slips the blanket away from his body, revealing his navy blue boxers and reaching underneath to massage his cock and balls. After a couple of minutes, he manages to roll the boxers down his legs to his ankles and starts jerking his big hard cock. This rocker has a big cock and the precum is oozing from the tip and down the shaft as his buddy plays with it and masturbates him. Our anonymous submitter decides to show his face on camera and get a taste of that throbbing erection, stroking the shaft and sucking it and you can tell how much Christop is enjoying this in his sleep by the way he spreads his legs and moves his body. By the time our friend is done jerking him off, the rock star blows a huge load of hot, creamy cum all over his abs, just check out how his spunk gets tangles up in his hairy abdomen, so sexy!

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