19 Year Old, Tall, Straight Military Red Head Jed

Jed Sleeping

Jed is straight, red headed and he’s in the military. Oh, did I forget to mention he’s hot and has a beautiful cock? We’ve been friends since college and I remember checking out his cock countless times when we showered together in the locker room after gym. He dropped out of college and decided to go with a career in the military and it’s been going great for him, and every time he gets a few days off, he makes sure to drop by and crash at my studio. I’m more than happy to have him here, not only do we get to catch up and have a great time; he’s also one of my favorite sleeping seduction subjects!

The Nebraska native falls asleep after a long night of drinking and talking and I’m not surprised he’s still sleeping in the morning. I set up my gear and get ready for this seduction. I know Jed well and I know nothing ever wakes him up from his sleep. I caress his tattooed upper torso and feel the softness of his skin as I slowly and gradually make my way down the sheets covering the lower half of his sexy body. I easily get rid of the blanket covering him, but I still have to figure out how to get him off his boxers. I can see he’s already pitching a tent, that big cock is getting hard under the soft fabric and I caress and rub his bulge over it. I slip his cock over the edge of the boxers and the tip is already glistening with his dripping precum. It helps me lubricate the rest of his shaft and I slide the boxers down his thighs.

It’s nice that Jed hasn’t shaved his pubic hair, he’s got nice reddish golden pubes surrounding his growing morning wood. His dick is cut and I gently stroke it, raking his pubic patch with my fingers. I take his throbbing erection to my lips and lick the tip as I stroke the straight military stud until he cums, blowing his creamy load all over my hand and his shaft. I lick off the excess from his dick and there’s plenty of cum entangled in his ginger pubes, a lovely view. I pull the covers over Jed and let him sleep it off. I bet when he wakes up he tells me he must have had one hell of a wet dream because he’s covered in cum, wow if he only knew!


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