Mystery Man Halloween Party

Sleeping Men

When you come to one of my Halloween parties (and I like to host several throughout October) you have to be ready for anything to happen, especially if you decide to drink too much and pass out at my place, you could wake up with a dick in your mouth or up your ass, baby! This “Mystery Man” in disguise either didn’t pay attention or just decided it would be cool to get seduced in his sleep, cuz he went overboard on his drinking and passed out on the couch. I guess I was in a good mood that night, because I waited for everybody tom leave and even cleaned up, giving him about an hour to wake up and leave, but by the time I was done, he was still in my couch, so I went to my studio, grabbed my filming gear, set it all up and put my Halloween pre-party seduction into motion with our guest “Mystery Man”…

The Mystery Man is wearing a red spandex bodysuit, a black apron and a helmet that covers his identity. He looks like something taken out of a Flash Gordon movie. I shake his knee to see if he wakes up, but this guy’s out like a stone. The spandex wraps tight around his body and it’s really sexy and as I move the apron covering his body, I can see he’s pitched a tent underneath the red spandex fabric. I massage his erection over his disguise and I can perfectly make out the shape of his big dick, this guy’s totally naked underneath the costume. I remove the heavy mask (he still has a spandex one covering his face) and go back to work on his gorgeous erection, which seems to be getting harder and bigger now. I rip his outfit at the crotch and massage his shaft and balls, giving him a handjob while he sleeps. This guy has a nice cock and I enjoy stroking it, taking it to my mouth and licking the tip of his dick, speeding up as I feel his body tensing and soon the Mystery Man is blowing his impressive load, splattering hot, creamy cum all over my mouth, my hands and his outfit! I tug his dick back through the hole I made and just leave him be, he’ll probably wake up in a couple of hours and I’m sure he won’t be asking who cut a hole in his outfit and sucked his cock while he was passed out drunk!

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