Heavy Cummer Coho

Sleeping Men

Coho is an Irish backpacker I met roadside when I was in Australia. When I first saw him he was sitting on a rock shirtless, sporting a huge shamrock tattoo, with his thumb out trying to hitch a ride. He’s a red-head with hazel green eyes, so he was being careful not to burn.

That wasn’t what caught my eye, what grabbed my attention were the scattering of shamrocks tattooed across his left shoulder, arm and chest and the glint of a piercing through his bottom lip. Seeing the tattoos makes me wonder what his jeans are hiding and has me imagining a naked straight man in my bed.

Hard cock, a young cock and I know I have to find a way to get him back to my place. I stop my car and get out, ask him if he’s okay. He admits he might be lost. After a short chat I offer him a ride back to the hotel where I’m staying. He agrees and the next thing we’re heading back to town and some cold beers.

The ride’s not that long, but during the drive I have a chance to scope out his young cock and decide I’ve got to get him into bed and film an Irish naked straight man and his hard cock.

We get to my place and Coho showers while I get my camera ready because, after a day lost in the heat, I’m sure a few beers will put the young Irishman to sleep and I’m eager to add him to my gallery of sleeping straight guys.


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