Sleeping 19 Year Old Gordon

Sleeping Military Men

Sleeping man Gordon is a sexy military guy that saw my ad online for free head shots. He’s an extremely polite, and sexy 19 year old fresh out of boot camp and his first mission.  I did quite a few head shots, and body shots, of Gordon, even got him down to just his shorts. It got late and Gordon was feeling sleepy so I let him crash on the futon. A couple hours after he fell asleep I took off his shorts and started filming…

Gordon has a great, lean, virile body and I had a blast passing my hands all over it, taking it slow and uncovering his nudity inch by inch. Just checking over the covers I could see he was gradually pitching a tent and when I managed to pull the covers over his crotch I was pleasantly surprised to see he was sleeping naked, that makes the job so much easier! Gordon has hairy balls and an unshaved pubic patch and his dick got fully erect pretty fast as soon as I started stroking it. Everything was going great until the unexpected happened… Gordon woke up in the middle of his sleeping seduction. He just got up and stormed into the bathroom.

I waited for him to calm down a bit and talked with him through the bathroom door … See the rest of the story, and full video with blowjob and cumshot, in the members area. Please support our site and subscribe 😉



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