Blake & Beau Flex

Men Sleeping

Just like in wrestling, everybody has a gimmick when it comes to picking up straight guys and getting to suck their hard dicks in their sleep. For my buddy Blake, his gimmick has become his camping tent. I have to be honest, I’m jealous of him, because Blake has a perfect record: every single straight guy he has invited to camp with him has got his dick sucked and made to cum hard by Blake. I think some of them even repeated the trip, lol! I love challenges, and I threw one Blake’s way that I knew he couldn’t resist: inviting hot straight personal trainer Beau to one of his camping trips and see if he could seduce him! Blake loved the challenge and Beau didn’t even have to think twice when he got the invitation. I wondered if Beau knew what was in store, since we had already filmed him several times. This uncertainty could only make this shoot that much more exciting!

It’s the middle of the night and all is silent in the camping site, except fop Beau’s snoring, the sign Blake has been waiting for several hours, signaling that it’s time to commence his seduction. He caresses Beau’s biceps and chiseled chest, the straight personal trainer has some chest hair, you know, just the right amount to make a guy look super sexy. As Blake works his way down Beau’s body, he pulls the sleeping bag that covers him, revealing his sculpted abs and those sexy muscles that run down the crotch. Blake finishes pulling the sleeping bag down and exposes Beau’s big, thick cock. Massive as it seems, it’s still limp and with a couple of strokes and jerks, Blake gets it throbbing and fully erect. Blake goes down on Beau, sucking and licking his cock, shaft and balls. He pulls back and as he admires Beau’s throbbing erection, he pulls down his boxers, releases his own hard cock and rubs it against Beau’s. Things are definitely heating up inside the tent as Blake dangles his cock so close to Beau’s face and mouth that he gets caught! Beau wakes up and decides to teach this rascal a lesson, forcing him to suck his cock and lick his balls, fucking his mouth and blowing his massive load all over Blake’s face!

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