Big Dick Shawny

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This is a member submitted video to my site from a loyal fan who happens to also be a Tranny. This is part of the text she included with her video submission: I met Shawny while out with some of my friends. This time we’d gone to the movies–a flick staring a bunch of the top action hero types–and the place was packed. Shawny happened to be sitting beside me during the film and we wound up chatting before the movie started, then sharing whispered remarks over the too predictable plot.

It was pretty dark in there, but instinct, and a few discrete glances, told me Shawny had a big dick lucking under his jeans and it was my mission to taste it tonight. I’m always up for filming young cock, so after the movie ended I made sure to be talking to Shawny as we went out. Outside where there was better light I got a good long look at his package and realized through his jeans that he must have a  big dick. Well aware that I had a shot at getting some young cock on film–I told my friends goodnight and suggested Shawny head off for some dinner with me. He agreed.